Pre Conference Workshops were:

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

0700-1700h Workshop. Meals are included.

Join Dr. Jannice Bowler and presenters as they review the evidence for platelet-rich plasma (PRP), original research, practical demonstrations, and more.

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Sport Medicine Ultrasound Canada – Stream 1 and 2

0900-1700h.  Meals are included.

Dr. Frank Johnson and his team from SMUC have partnered with CAOM to bring you ULTRA-HIGH YIELD ultrasound scanning training for injections.

Over the course of this 1-day scanning workshop, you will learn to scan, scan and scan some more!

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Durolane Injection Workshop

Bioventus Sponsored:  1900-2030h (Free)

Conference Brochure:

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Conference Speakers were:

Dr. Rob Burnham

Intraosseous Orthobiologics to Treat Knee Osteoarthritis

Dr. Paul Etheridge

Indications for Radio Frequency Ablation/Rhizotomies

Dr. Adrian Gretton

Scapulothoracic Dynamics and Injuries

Dr. Frank Johnson

Want to be an expert at shoulder ultrasound?

Dr. Francois Louw

Psilocybin for Chronic Pain and Mental Health Indications

Dr. Grant Pagdin

Updates on Stem Cell Research

Dr. Sheena Sikora

Arthroscopic and Surgical Options for Hand and Wrist Conditions

Dr. Sian Spacey

Update in Migraine Treatment

Dr. Anita Sanan

Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Dr. Brian Shamess

Methylation Defects and Treatments for Busy Dummy MSK Doctors

Dr. Ashley Smith

The Best Clinical Tests for Low Back Disorders

Dr. Heather Underwood

Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder and Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos: An Approach to the
Hypermobile Patient

Breakout Sessions were:

Session One

Intentional Neuroplasticity: An Introduction to Pain Reprocessing Therapy

Dr. David Bowler

Intro to Prolotherapy

Dr. Adrian Gretton, Dr. David Mann, Mr. Eric Lavoie

Trigger Point Injections for Shoulder Pain

Dr. Xiao Yuan and Dr. Sarah Pankratz

Session Two

Intro to Prolotherapy

Dr. Adrian Gretton, Dr. Marc Lourens, Dr. Zuzana Triska

Ultrasound Guided Nerve Hydrodissection

Dr. Jannice Bowler, Dr. Francois Louw, Dr. Xiao Yuan

Manual Diagnostic and Treatment Techniques in Lumbosacral, Hip, and Lower Leg Pain Syndromes

Dr. Pam Squire, Dr. Brian Shamess

Session Three

A Layered Approach to the Patient with Chronic MSK Pain

Panel Discussions

Case One – Chronic Knee Area Pain

Dr. Pam Squire, Dr. Erik Ouellette, Dr. David Bowler

Case Two – Chronic Hip Area Pain

Dr. Lynn MacKean, Dr. Francois Louw

Conference Exhibitors were:

The Canadian Association of Orthopaedic Medicine has received an educational grant or in-kind support from the following exhibitors: