34th Annual Conference


October 25-27, 2019 – Victoria, BC at the Inn at Laurel Point

Innovative Approaches To Treating Chronic Pain

UBC CPD Accreditation

We are pleased to announce this conference has been approved by UBC:

Up to 18.25 MOC Section 1Group Learning credits. This program meets the certification criteria of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and has been certified by UBC CPD for up to 18.25  Mainpro+ Group Learning credits. Each physician should claim only those credits accrued through participation in the activity. Our American colleagues may convert these credits through reciprocal agreements.

The CAOM is pleased to invite you to the 34th annual 3-day conference, “Innovative approaches to treating chronic pain”. We have a great variety of expert speakers covering topics that matter and that enhance patient treatment in very practical ways. This year we are including presentations on what to do for head and neck injuries, concussion, brain pain, migraine, and neuroplasticity. We will be covering many types of pain treatments and also very important issues that affect the recovery of our patients, including in-depth nutrition, supplement and hormone support, as well as functional genomics.

This year we are offering 3 separate workshops: 

Manual Medicine

with Drs. Gallagher and Johnson

Ultrasound-Guided Procedures

Botox for dystonia and useful neuraxial and peripheral nerve injections as well as “ask the expert”

with Drs. Dhawan and MacNicol


with Drs. Gretton, Ouellette and Louw

Botulinum A toxin for migraine

Dr. Graboski will be teaching the PREEMPT protocol: botulinum A toxin for migraine. This workshop will be offered twice during the afternoon.

Featured Talks & Speakers

Keynote speakers include Dr. Marty Gallagher and Dr. Mansoor Mohammed.

Speakers include Dr. Francois Louw, Dr. Pankaj Dhawan, Dr. Pam Squire, Dr. Adrian Gretton, Dr. Brent MacNicol and many others.

Dr Martin Gallagher: MD, DC

Director of a multidisciplinary integrative health care facility, Pennsylvania

Dr Corrie Graboski: MD FRCPC

Physiatry, Migraine expert, Brentwood Bay Victoria

Dr. Mansoor Mohammed: PhD

Clinical Genomicist Lifestyle and Personalized Genomics Consultant


Everyone is welcome to attend the AGM:

5:45 pm to 6:45  pm on Friday October 25th. Join us!


We are grateful to the exhibitors for their continued contributions and support of our work.

Full Schedule

Friday: October 25th


07:50 Welcome & announcements
08:00 Tribute to Dr Robert Kidd
08:10 Dr Gallagher: optimum health-guide to nutrition, supplements and hormones
09:25 Q & A
09:40 Drs. Fehlau and Hooper: introduction to concussion
09:55 Dr McCrodan: neuro-optometry after a concussion


10:55 Dr. Gretton: neuroplasticity
11:25 Dr. Squire: post-whiplash headache management
11:55 Dr. MacNicol: RFN, cryolysis and facet blocks

12:25 LUNCH

1:30 Dr. Pagdin: Bone marrow aspirate stem cells
2:00 Dr. Mohammed: functional genomics -continuing the pursuit of optimum health: a) the brain b) hormones
3:15 Q & A


4:00 Dr. Graboski: treating migraines: an update including CGRP receptor antagonist medications and botulinum A
4:30 Dr. Mathes: a surgeon’s approach to non-operative management of knee OA
5:00 Dr. De Pauw PhD: neuropathic pain treatment modalities including an update on cannabis

5:45 pm – 6:45 pm CAOM AGM
(everyone welcome)


Saturday: October 26th


08:00 Dr. Gallagher: ozone in chronic pain
08:30 Dr. J. Bowler: workshop announcement
08:35 Dr. Stoddard: PRP and adipose stem cells
09:15 Drs. D. and J. Bowler: perineural injections with and without ultrasound guidance


10:45 Dr. Louw: Hyaluronic acid supplementation including use with platelet-rich plasma
11:20 Dr. Cresswell: ultrasound-guided injections

12:00 LUNCH


Choose 2 out of 4 workshops, which will run as follows:

1 -2:45 pm First workshop

2:45 -3:15 pm NUTRITION BREAK

3:15 -5 pm Second workshop


Manual Medicine

Drs. Gallagher and Johnson

The introductory workshop will be offered twice during the afternoon.

The advanced workshop will be offered once and continued after the break.


Ultrasound-guided procedures: useful neuraxial, joints, & peripheral structure ultrasound, and “ask the expert” (radiology & anaesthetics)

Drs Cresswell (1st workshop only), and MacNicol (both workshops)

You may attend either during the first or second workshop but topics covered during the workshops will vary: if you wish, you may attend both.



Drs. Gretton, Ouellette and Louw

The first workshop will cover an introduction to the upper limb.

The second workshop will cover an introduction to the lower limb.

You may attend during the first or second workshop or attend both.


Botulinum A toxin for migraine

Dr. Graboski

Learn the PREEMPT protocol for using botulinum A toxin for migraines in your office. This workshop will be offered twice: you may attend either one. 

Sunday: October 27th


08:00 Announcements
08:05 Dr. Ouellette: evidence for prolotherapy
08:35 Island Pharmacy: topical medication for pain
09:00 Dr. Louw: safety standards for office procedures, and use of inhaled analgesics


10:00 Dr. Harrison: evidence for platelet-rich plasma
10:30 Dr. Bertrand: treating sacroiliac pain
10:55 Dr. Basson: this changed my practice
11:15 Dr. Louw: RCT on TMJ
11:35 Panel: treating orthopaedic pain successfully
12:00 Closing remarks & forms


Inn at Laurel Point

680 Montreal St, Victoria, BC V8V

Phone: 1-800-663-7667
web: www.laurelpoint.com

Mention you are attending the CAOM conference for the special rate of $179 per night (this rate is in effect until Sept 19th or sooner if full). Please note: if the hotel is full, there are a few other hotels within easy walking distance (5-10 mins).