Below is a list of all the doctors who are members of CAOM in this province.

Erik Howarth, MD

Orthopaedic Medicine Clinic Therapies Other Therapies Ultrasound-guided Injections

Charles Cass, MD

Bill Nelems Pain and Research Centre Toronto, ON M5R 3S3 Therapies Other Therapies Zero Balancing, Prolozone/Ozone Injections, Mesotherapy, IV infusions (Modified Myers cocktail)

Joan Himann, MD

Partners in Pregnancy Clinic Peterborough, Ontario. K9H 2H7Therapies

Stacie Degenais, PT

Urban Campus Inc London, ON, L9W 4X4Other Therapies Exclusive Educational Resource to members of the CAOM Content from Conferences will be made available by the agreement of the author and the CAOM administration following the conclusion of each conference. 

Amitkumar Upadhyay, MD

Skintology Health & Wellness Centre Newmarket, ON, L3Y 5H2Therapies Other Therapies BHRT, Integrative Cancer Care, Medical Cannabis, Aesthetics

Jean Aubry, MD

North Bay Complementary Medicine Centre North Bay, Ontario P1B 4B8Therapies

Brian Shamess, MD

​Algoma Sports Medicine and Physical Injuries Clinic Sault Ste Marie, Ontario P6A2C5Therapies Other Therapies Muscle balance therapies- Theralase- levitor

James Kim, MD

CPM Centres for Pain Management Brampton, Ontario L6V1C2Therapies

Gordon Ko, MD

Canadian Centre for Integrative Medicine Markham, Ontario L3P 1X2Therapies Other Therapies Functional Medicine; Interdisciplinary approach (with osteopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist, naturopathic doctor); Ultrasound and EMG guided injection treatments

Clive Sinoff, MD

Wellmedica Medical Centre Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 8B7Therapies Other Therapies Medical treatment for fibromyalgia, anxiety disorders and depression Regenerative ozone injections for musculoskeletal pain Systemic ozone (MAHT) for autoimmune conditions,...

Robert Banner, MD

London, Ontario N6B 3N2Therapies Other Therapies Functional Medicine (IFMCP), Homeopathy (CEDH), Irlen Syndrome, Autonomic Response Testing, Neural Therapy

Erik Ouellette, MD

Orthopaedic Medicine Clinic Ottawa, Ontario K1C 1S6Therapies Other Therapies Ultrasound-guided Injections