35th Annual Conference


November 5 – 7, 2021- Victoria, BC at the Inn at Laurel Point

Success and Confidence
Treating Musculoskeletal Pain

Please save the date and join us as we discuss success and confidence in treating musculoskeletal pain. If you practice in physiatry, sports medicine, family medicine, anaesthetics, rheumatology or are an interventional pain practitioner, this conference is for you!

Saturday workshops at the conference

Manual Medicine

with Dr. Anna Davenport &
Dr. Jean Gillies

Ultrasound-Guided Procedures

Work your way around several ultrasound stations: identify joints, entheses, and nerves, and learn techniques you can quickly apply.

with Drs Etheridge, J Bowler, de Wet, others tbc


Included this year: sacroiliac treatment, as well as upper/lower body prolotherapy. There will also be a short platelet-rich plasma presentation.

with Drs. Gretton, Ouellette, Louw and Basson

Pre-Conference 1-day Workshop on Perineural Injection Treatment

FEE: $350

This workshop is fullContact us to be placed on a waitlist

The CAOM is holding a pre-conference full-day workshop on the Lyftogt technique: perineural injection therapy (PIT). This is a landmark-based superficial injection technique using 5% dextrose for the treatment of neurogenic pain. Targeting superficial nerves under the skin resolves pain and inflammation quickly, and this technique can be stand-alone for some types of pain, or it can be used for superior results by combining it with prolotherapy or platelet-rich plasma.

with Dr. David Bowler

Topics will include

  • Focus on soft tissue: trigger points, understanding fascia, learning to incorporate specific exercises for recovery
  • How to get the best results with hyaluronic acid injections
  • Beyond PREEMPT: how to manage complex migraine
  • Genomics of pain and medication
  • Furthering your MSK ultrasound skills
  • How to use prolotherapy to treat sacroiliac and greater trochanteric pain
  • As always, regenerative orthopaedic updates on prolotherapy, platelets and stem cells
  • Sports Medicine: hip, groin and SI injuries
  • And much more TBA

Saturday afternoon workshops will include

  • Prolotherapy
  • Manual medicine: working with fascia
  • Ultrasound stations for MSK and peripheral nerves: work your way around the room identifying specific targets: joints and nerves
  • Perineural Injection Therapy: learn the simple and effective Lyftogt technique, ready to use in your office on Monday

Featured Talks & Speakers

Keynote speakers include Dr Ian Finkelstein and Dr. Mansoor Mohammed.

Speakers include Dr. Francois Louw, Dr. Adrian Gretton, Dr Rob Burnham, Dr Grant Pagdin, Dr Paul Etheridge, and many others.

Dr. Mansoor Mohammed: PhD

Clinical Genomicist Lifestyle and Personalized Genomics Consultant

Dr Burnham

Physiatrist and Researcher, CAPRI clinic in Lacombe and Vivo Cura Health in Calgary

Dr Camus

Orthopaedic surgeon, Rebalance MD in Victoria, Reconstruction and Joint Replacements

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We are grateful to the exhibitors for their continued contributions and support of our work.

2021 Program

Friday, November 5th

07:00 Registration and breakfast
07:50 Welcome and announcements
08:00 Intro to poster presentations

08:20 Dr Ian Finkelstein: Beyond PREEMPT: how to manage the complex migraine patient
09:20 Dr Tristan Camus: Best practices for pre/peri/post-operative hip surgery
10:00 Q & A

10:15 Nutrition break and visit exhibitors

10:45 Dr Grant Pagdin: Stem cell study update
11:20: Dr Gord Ko: Botulinum A toxin for cervical dystonia
12:00 Q & A

12:15 Lunch

1:15 Dr Ashley Smith: Facet joint platelet-rich plasma in whiplash associated disorder
1:45 Dr Mansoor Mohammed: Functional genomics – fibromyalgia in 2021
2:45 Q & A

3:00 Nutrition break

3:30 Dr Francois Louw: 10 top pain papers
4:00 Dr Rob Burnham: Radiofrequency treatments for refractory knee pain
4:30 Dr Melina Thibodeau & Sandy Wilson PT: evaluating hip pain: a sports medicine perspective
5:00 Q & A

5:30 – 6:30 CAOM AGM (anyone welcome)

6:45 pm Welcome reception/light supper

Saturday, November 6th

07:00 Breakfast

08:00 Dr Ravi Dhanoa: All about trigger points
08:30 Dr J Bowler: Workshop announcement
08:40 Dr Anna Davenport: Fascial manipulation a la Stecco
09:10 Dr Gillies: Exercises to enhance your regenerative treatments
09:50 Q & A

10:00 Nutrition break

10:30 Drs Jannice Bowler and Ted Harrison: Hyaluronic acid update; dextrose/PRP study
11:00 Dr Paul Etheridge: Ultrasound sacroiliac techniques
11:45 Q & A

12:00 Lunch

Choose 2 workshops, which will run as follows:
1 – 2:45 First workshop
2:45 – 3:15 Nutrition break
3:15 -5 Second workshop

Manual Medicine part a and b
Drs. Anna Davenport and Pam Squire: Fascia Manipulation
Dr. Jean Gillies: Exercises to enhance your regenerative treatments.

Ultrasound-guided procedures part a
and b
Drs Etheridge, J Bowler, de Wet, Ko and Bester
Work your way around several ultrasound stations: identify joints, entheses and nerves, and learn techniques you can quickly apply

Prolotherapy part a and b

Drs. Gretton, Ouellette, Louw and Basson
Included this year: sacroiliac treatment, as well as upper/lower body prolotherapy. There will also be a short platelet-rich plasma presentation.

Sunday, November 7th

07:30 Breakfast
08:25 Announcements

08:30 Dr Adrian Gretton: Sacroiliac prolotherapy: assessment and structures
09:00 Dr Erik Ouellette: Sacroiliac prolotherapy: injections, tips & techniques
09:30 Dr Guy de Wet: Passport to Function: helping patients take control of their pain
10:00 Q & A

10:15 Nutrition break

10:45 Dr Cobus Bester: Clinical cases, back to basics
11:15 Q & A
11:20 Dr Jannice Bowler: Training opportunities for prolotherapy
11:30 Panel: treating orthopaedic pain successfully

12:00 Closing remarks and forms


Inn at Laurel Point

680 Montreal St, Victoria, BC V8V

Phone: 1-800-663-7667
web: www.laurelpoint.com

If the hotel is full, there are a few other hotels within easy walking distance (5-10 mins).

Book your Room

We have arranged for a special group rate at the Inn at Laurel Point.  This rate is only available until Monday, September 20th, 2021.